How To Stop Videos From Auto Play On Facebook

How To Stop Videos From Auto Play On Facebook: Facebook has made it to limelight over the years due to the numbers of users it has all over the world. Over 75% of people on this planet earth has an account on Facebook and some of these users also possess multiple accounts created for business or advert purposes, therefore, Facebook admins and developers has to work tirelessly day in day out, to improve both the application and website for maximum satisfaction of the users.
This has brought about the recent introduction of auto-playing of Facebook video clips whereby any video clip uploaded on Facebook will automatically start playing whenever users are scrolling through their news feed.
Though, this idea might be of help to Facebook users in that, it safes time i.e. the video clips will start loading immediately you connect to Facebook, so you wouldn't have to wait for it to load whenever you want to view it, it just start playing immediately. But the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of data and it cannot be controlled, videos you don't want to watch will also automatically load and play.
So, if you really don't like this new Facebook feature, here is an article that will teach you how to stop videos from auto-playing on Facebook, this settings can also be reversed in case you later have a change of mind toward it. The article treats the steps to stop auto play both on your PC and on your mobile devices.
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  • Open your web browser on your PC and visit the Facebook website via
  • Login to your Facebook account at the login page
  • At the top of your Facebook homepage, click on the arrow pointing downwards
  • From the food selection displayed, scroll down and click on settings
  • Click video options
  • Here you will notice the auto play options set to default (on), click on the arrow in front of it
  • Then finally, switch the auto play off
Now, you have set your Facebook video clips to play only when the play button is pushed on your PC

  • Login to your Facebook account from your Facebook application
  • From the news feed, click on the option button (three small dots) at the top right corner
  • Click on app settings
  • From here, you will see the auto play options, click on it
  • Then you can choose either with Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can make Facebook video auto play whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi but not auto play when you are using mobile data, you can also switch off auto play in both conditions.
  • To reverse this settings, all you need to do is visit the settings again and switch auto play on, it is as easy as putting it off at first.
You can now enjoy Facebook while maximizing your mobile data and without the fear of viewing things you shouldn't have viewed.
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