How to Suspend your Facebook Account

How to Suspend your Facebook Account: You might be fed up of facebook and you intend leaving it for a while till you can have a good interest in it again. You have definitely come to the right place, this article teaches ways to suspend your facebook account temporarily and also reactivate it back whenever you feels like.

Note that when you suspend your account, your Facebook account won’t be seen any more on your friends account but all your profile information will be saved secretly until you are ready to reunite with your pals.

So below are the steps to take when you want to suspend your Facebook account using an iPhone or iPad;
  • · Login to your Facebook account via your Facebook mobile app on your iPhone
  • · Click the “see more” link and then settings
  • · Then select account settings
  • · Then follow the arrow in front of the “general” tab
  • · Again, follow the arrow in front of “manage account”
  • · Click “deactivate” link
  • · Now, re-enter your password and tap “continue” to finish the process

Now that you have successfully suspend your Facebook account, all your activities on Facebook will definitely be suspended also, to reactivate your account, all you just need to do is to open your Facebook mobile application again and login with your email and password, then all your profile will be restored to what it was before it was suspended.

I hope this article was very helpful? Kindly share with everyone on your contact to inform them how they can suspend their facebook account temporarily.
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