How to Utilize Facebook Lite

How to Utilize Facebook Lite: Facebook lite is one of the latest iteration of the Facebook app. It is a light weight version of the original Facebook app, it utilizes less space on your device’s storage, takes less space in the RAM and most importantly utilizes less data.

Additionally, Facebook lite is characterized with the following;
  • Loads up quickly
  • It works on the slowest of internet connection
  • Photos and other medias can be uploaded quickly
  • Notifications enters in record time
  • It helps users to conserve cash by way of using less data
Take the steps below, provided you already have a Facebook account;

1. Enter the App Market of your device e.g. Google Play Store for Android devices
2. Input in the search field ‘Facebook Lite’
3. Tap the ‘Install’ button and ensure proper installing of app.
4. Input your credentials to the corresponding field and tap ‘Log in’
5. The next page will be your timeline, you can from there navigate to your profile and do some settings.

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