How to View Followers on Instagram

How to View Followers on Instagram: Instagram as we all know is a platform where you can interact with Family and friends from far and near in the comfort of our homes. The social media just like its counterparts Twitter and Facebook, also allows the sharing of photos and videos to other users following you. But how well can you identify those that are following you on this vast media? It is very simple if you follow the procedures in this article.

A friend might claims he/she is following you on Instagram and you really want to be sure of what you just heard, so below are the steps to take in order to view your followers on Instagram;
  • · launch your IG app on your mobile device or windows
  • · Tap the “Profile” link
  • · Then tap “your Photos”
  • · From the page, tap the “Follower/Following” link
Then a list will be revealed which represent all those that are connected to your account, those that are currently following will be shown to you, it can be listed in an alphabetical order or in order of the date they started following from the latest to the longest serving friends.

From the follower’s list page, if you see a blue “Follow” link in front of any name, this means the individual is following you but you are not following them back. This character is not ideal on Instagram since everyone is meant to follow one another, you can just click the follow button to start following the person. You may also see “send request” link, this means is following you but his/her account is private, so you have to send him/her a follower’s request and wait till he/she attends to your request.

I strongly believed this article was helpful in checking your followers on Instagram, you may also share this with everyone on your contact so they can know how it is done.

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