How To View Those Checking Your Profile On Facebook

How To View Those Checking Your Profile On Facebook: Many Facebook users have being wondering if it is possible to know those stalkers checking out there Facebook profile, well, Facebook didn't add up that feature to its website or application but read on to know how to go about it. 

Your reasons to know those checking out your profile might be just curiosity, or you might be a kid trying to detect parent/guardians watch light or possibly you just want to make more friends from it by sending friend request to such people

No matter your reasons, it is clear that Facebook does not want its users to know those who is checking out their profile, it is stated in the help facilities page that "Facebook does not provide a platform that makes you to track who is viewing your profile." This is because Facebook respect its user’s privacy terms and will not engage in any activity that will break such terms. If one could view those individuals stalking them on Facebook, then the privacy agreement has being breached.
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Facebook understands that this action might induce conflict on various individual around the world. After checking out a profile but refuse to send a friend request, a disagreement might arise when such person get to know that I checked his/her profile and didn't receive a friend request. Meanwhile, Facebook platform was not created to start up conflict but strong and lasting friendship.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to check out those viewing your profile on Facebook, the real answer to your various questions is "you cannot view those checking out your profile on Facebook". There are various third-party applications that claims to show you all your stalkers but they are fake, all it does is bring up some of your friends and mutual friends randomly and present them as your stalkers, I say again "it is fake".

In order to protect your Facebook account from unwanted viewers, Facebook has created a platform to show/hide your profile, posts, images or videos from a particular set of customised people, it's called personal privacy setup. By going to your account settings and clicking on personal privacy setup, from here you can decide those that view your profile in the three options which are; everyone implying that an Facebook user who wish to view it has full access to it, mutual friends implies the friend of your Facebook friends and lastly friends only i.e. those that have become your Facebook friends by accepting your friends request or you accepting theirs.

I hope this article has help you to know that it is impossible to view those that are checking your profile on Facebook, kindly share to loved ones so they could understand too.
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