I Caught You On My Facebook Profile

I Caught You On My Facebook Profile: It's is very possible to catch other Facebook users checking your Facebook profile page, though Facebook itself didn't add up this feature to their site, there are two major techniques developed to do this function with ease. It can be done through downloading and installing Google chrome expansion add-on or by using the coded information on the page resources, whichever one you use, you will definitely catch those checking out your Facebook profile.

Chrome expansion add-on
  1. First you have to download and install profile site visitors add-on to your chrome browser
  2. Then visit your profile with this browser and you will notice a new tab added, the visitor's tab, this will reveal to you those that checked and presently checking your profile anytime you want to. This tab is just beside the friends tab, it is extremely easy to locate.

Coded information on page resources
  • You can use this technique when you can download Google chrome browser add-on.
  • While using chrome browser too, log in to your Facebook account and long click a place on the screen, from the options brought choose web page resources 
  • Then series of coded Information are displayed, enter ctrl+f and search for "initialchatfriendslist" 
  • Copy the coded information separated by inverted comas after the word you searched
  • Then paste it behind www.facebook.com/ and send
  • The profile shown is that of the person who viewed your account
I hope you have gained from reading this article, kindly share to your buddies, so that can learn to catch those checking their profile.
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