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Instagram Integration Website: Are you a web or blog owner and which to integrate Instagram on your website or blog so viewers can share various pictures and videos to their Instagram feed? This is very easy to go about, this article will educates you on how you can add up an Instagram link button to your web which will allow user to share their experience on your web to their followers on Instagram. Below are the guidelines to achieve the expected goals;

Instagram link button if you own a website which you majorly use to promote and market your good to various online potential customers for convenience sake, it is advised you link the website with an Instagram account so you can gain more customers from your Instagram followers. The Instagram link button is majorly used to share pictures and videos from a website into Instagram, most website has this link which may be inform of Instagram logo or a “share to Instagram” text. If your website doesn’t have this feature, don’t worry, you can manually add it up by following these steps;
  • · Download an Instagram logo from google, make sure you pick the right one in term of size that will fit your website layout
  • · Go to your website management system, you may consult a web designer if you don’t know how these is done
  • · Add the Instagram icon you downloaded to your website display page
  • · Now change the icon to hyperlink by adding to it
And that’s it, with these steps you can add the Instagram link to as many website as possible and to any page you wish to add it.

Hope you’ve learnt how to integrate Instagram link on your website, you could make use of this share links below to check out what exactly you would expecting after creating your own share link.
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