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Link Twitter to Facebook: Facebook and Twitter are social media networks which allows users to connect with one another by saying whatever is in their mind in text format, photos or short videos. Even though both Facebook and Twitter are similar when it comes to how they are used and the function they perform but people prefer to use both platforms because they earn different followers from both.

When you are active on either Facebook or Twitter, it is advised to link both platforms together so you can share whatever you post on one to the other, this will enable your Followers on one to gain from what you posted on the other. Follow the instructions below to link your Facebook and Twitter account together;

First let’s check how you can link your Facebook account with Twitter account
  • · Login to your Twitter account from an internet browser
  • · Then go to twitter settings page.
  • · Click the link “post your Tweets on Facebook”
  • · Then on “sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts”
  • · You then login to your Facebook account
  • · After, click on “allow” to join the accounts
Now here is how you can link your Twitter account with Facebook account
  • · Login to your Facebook account using the an internet browser
  • · Go to Facebook settings
  • · Then to the Twitter page on Facebook
  • · Click on “Link to Twitter”
  • · Then on “Authorize app”
  • · Now save the changes.
Note that it is not compulsory you link both account from both platform, when you are done linking from a platform, it is not important again to link on the other platform, you can just use the first platform to do the postings and then share it with the other platform.

I believe this write-up has helped you link your Facebook account with your Twitter account and/or vice versa, kindly share this with your friends so they can also learn the ways to link their accounts.
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