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Login To Facebook Homepage: Introduction of Facebook has made it easy to interact and communicate with loved one all over the world, writing of posts, uploading videos and pictures on Facebook has also enhance regular connection of folks regardless of their location. Facebook is also a platform where business owners can advertise their business to the world with no or less charges, current updates of news can also be received via Facebook.

All these are some of the advantages Facebook came with but you won't gain from Facebook if you don't have an account or don't know how to access it. This article will bring to your knowledge how to access your Facebook account homepage.

The first thing that should be done is to log out other Facebook account already logged in to your browser or Facebook app. To do this go to account settings, at the end of the food selection, click on log out, the login page will definitely then be displayed.
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Step two involves inputting your email address at the space provided for it. The account you input must be the one you provided when signing in or creating your Facebook account. If you used phone number to register the account, then you input your phone number instead. You can also input your Facebook username if you have created one already.

The next step involves inputting your password. This password must be the one you created when you signed up to Facebook. In case you have forgotten your password, click on forget password button and follow the steps by step procedure to get a new password. Note that the password is case sensitive, block letters must not be changed to small letters and vise-versa.

Finally, if you want Facebook to keep you signed in i.e. anytime you come back to Facebook, you wouldn't need to input your email address and password again, then check the box behind 'keep me signed in', then click on login.

Your Facebook homepage will be displayed right away for you to start enjoying the multiple advantages Facebook has on its users.
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