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Login to Homepage On Facebook: With the introduction of Facebook years back, millions of people can now access and connect to others all over the world at the comfort of the bed using either their PC or their mobile devices.

You can share your various activities through uploading pictures, videos, life chats and quotes on Facebook with little data connection. To enjoy these and many more offers from Facebook, you need to have an account and be signed in. Using some application to login to your account which will automatically sign you out as soon as you close it is not advisable because it will deprive you of receiving instant notification of what is going on in the Facebook world. But whenever you are signed out, here is a way to login again;
  • Go to www.facebook.com/
  • Then enter your email address or your mobile number depending on the one you used to create the account
  • Enter your password, remember it must be exactly the same as the one you dropped while creating the account, letter for letter, symbol for symbol, and case sensitive
  • Now press enter or sign in
You are now back to Facebook, make sure you share this with your Facebook friends so to teach them how to login to homepage on Facebook.
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