Lookup Facebook by Phone Number

Lookup Facebook by Phone Number: You may have tried searching for a friend’s profile using the Facebook search dialogue box to no avail because Facebook users that have similar name are countless, so it will be very difficult to single out just one user out of thousands of users bearing that name. The good news is that you can look up your Facebook using the mobile phone number, but this will be determined by the individual, if he/she already registered the number on his/her profile.
  • Here is how to look up your Facebook by phone number below;
  • Go to your Facebook account and then click on setting > account setting > privacy setting
  • On this page, scroll down and select customize setting
  • From here, scroll to find contact details section, here you can see the contact details and those that will be able to see it on your profile
  • Select those that you are willing to see your phone number on Facebook from the list of your contact, other that you didn’t select won’t be able to see your Facebook phone number
  • You can also hide your phone number from all your Facebook friends by selecting the only me option.
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With the steps you can look up your Facebook profile phone number, so kindly share this article with your friends and family so they can know and control those that are looking at their Facebook phone number.
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