Messenger Apps for Facebook

Messenger Apps for Facebook: When it pertains to technology updates, Facebook hardly ever lets down her users, Facebook updates are common these days as they are been sent out frequently and this time is no exception. If you're wondering just what's new in Facebook Messenger, you're in good luck! Facebook lately released a lot of brand-new features for individuals who uses the Messenger application. So whether or not you're a tech enthusiast, it's always fun to at least learn more about the new fads coming out in innovation, even if you (like me) are mind boggled by the internal workings of it all.

The best of the recent update on Facebook is the Facebook messenger app which is solely for sending Facebook messages and keeping in touch with friends.

Messenger Apps for Facebook

1. The Home Feature
The Home feature is a useful little icon that depicts a home that brings you back to your Messenger "Home" This is a good component of the messenger App that allows users to navigate back to the Home page from any part of the App they are currently on simply by clicking the "Home" symbol.

2. Favorites
The new Facebook Messenger feature update that I am personally most-thrilled about is the "Favorites" section. Simply below the section of people you have actually chatted with most recently, you'll get your "Favorites" field which comprise of individuals you chat with most often. A cool feature right? Convenient way to easily message your frequent users

3. Birthday Reminders
Another amazing feature that has been built into this app is the Birthday Reminder feature that reminds users of the birthday of friends on their List. Birthday tips shows up in Messenger and makes it simple to actually message somebody straight away instead of just writing "Happy Birthday!" on their wall.
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4. Active now
The "Active Now" section is a new feature that reveals exactly what you are expecting. In this section, list of active Facebook users are given and shows they are active and online right at the minute. If a person is "active now" you'll see a little environment-friendly dot next to their name. Facebook Messenger will certainly even motivate you to message people when they're "active now" which is a good suggestion to simply send "hi" to that pal you have not seen since middle school.

Listed below are direct links to actually download the Facebook Messenger application.
Download Facebook Messenger Android

Download Facebook Messenger iPhone

Download Facebook Messenger for PC

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

Download the updated file and enjoy Facebook Messages at its best.
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