Methods To Permanently Remove Your Facebook Account

Methods To Permanently Remove Your Facebook Account: You have decided you want to permanently remove your Facebook account but you don't know how to do this, you have definitely come to the right place to learn how it is done. Facebook, though has many benefits, it can also have a disadvantage that will make users want to remove it permanently, it might be due to some privacy issues which has not being solved over the years after much complaint or some other personal problems encountered on the site itself. No matter your reasons for wanting to remove your Facebook account permanently, below are the steps to follow

Facebook has hidden this feature so well that it cannot be accessed through their site, this is because Facebook don't want any of its users to remove their account permanently, in the situation that you eventually remove it, Facebook still retains your data for up to 90days waiting for you to come back so as to restore the deleted account and bring back all your lost data. But before we start up the procedures, it is advisable to download all your Facebook information into your device, so you won't have to lose any of your pictures, videos and messages

In a situation you don't want to leave Facebook permanently but you are planning on having a brief holiday on Facebook where you will have to come back to it later, then the best thing to do is to temporarily shut off your Facebook account. This will keep your information and restore it as soon as you login with your details again.

To shut off Facebook account 
Open your Facebook account and go to the option arrow facing down, then click on setup then on general settings and then on manage account. Here you will click on download and install Facebook info, with some data charges, it will be downloaded to your device within few minutes. Then finally click on deactivate account. 
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To permanently remove your Facebook account 
In case you have decided to remove it, you first need to download your Facebook information just as it was done above, then after downloading, follow the link Then make sure you confirm that you truly want to remove this account.

The procedures to remove Facebook account permanently is over, hope you gained from this article, kindly share to pals.

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