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Open New Facebook Account: Facebook, as you all know is the fastest growing social networking sites which connects millions of people in every country of each continent. It provides a platform where users are allowed to add up various individual as friends and chat them up, post whatever is on your mind which may include pictures, videos and texts.

It gives it users a day to day update of news from their far and immediate environment and various pages such as business page, entertainment page can be created by users to entertain millions of other users or for advert purposes. All these and many more are the advantages derived from having an account on Facebook, so in order for you to also tap from these blessings, you will need to create your own account by following these basic steps below;
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Note that for you to have a Facebook account, you will need an email address eventually, even if you sign up with your mobile number, it will be required later on to change into an email address.

Visit the Facebook Web address and click on the sign up button. Your name, sex and email address will be requested, so after inputting the details, you will also add a strong password which is case sensitive and then press create account. Your Facebook account has now being created.

A confirmation code will be sent to your email account to verify that you are the owner, this code is input into Facebook and then your account is confirmed. Now all you need to do is upload your profile picture, cover picture and find friends.

Now that you have a Facebook account, kindly share to pals who are not on Facebook so you could invite them.
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