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Save Facebook Videos Free: Various categories of videos are being uploaded on Facebook daily, such video includes funny clips, inspirational clips, advertisement clips, music videos, movie trailers and so on. You may have tried to download any of these videos into your device but to no avail, all you find when you go through Google are series of sites demanding you pay certain amount before you can save it or the installation of certain plugins to save it and eventually it won't work.

Do not worry much, this article will treat the techniques that can be used to save videos from Facebook into your device without added charges and installation of plugins.
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Below are the steps to follow when you wish to save videos off Facebook
  • Copy the link of the page the video is located, for instance ""
  • Paste the link on a new tab and change the prefix "www" to "m" i.e. "" and then enter
  • The page will load to a mobile Facebook view, from here, play the video
  • With the video still playing, right click any portion of the screen and select "download video as"
  • Then you choose where it should be saved on your device.
Now you can watch any of your favorite video even while offline since you now know the tricks to save Facebook videos free without installing plugins, share to beloved ones to show them the tricks.
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