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Start Up A New Facebook Account: Social networks over the years has become an integrated part of human lives where millions of people depends on it to derive daily information and connect with other millions. Facebook is one of this social networking sites and is regarded as the fastest growing amidst them. 
With over a hundred new accounts being created daily, Facebook is definitely climbing to its peak. And also, a big thanks to the active programmers working day in day out to make sure this site continues to have user friendly features that make our everyday lives easy. Since the introduction of the mobile app, Facebook has gone viral, where anyone can utilize it at any time in any locations without any form of restrictions. So, if you thinking of starting up your own personal account, here is the right place to visit. With the simple procedure below, you can have you own Facebook account within a couple of minutes, make sure you read till the end. 
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The only mandatory requirement of starting your own Facebook account is to possess an email ID, so first find a solution to that if you don't have one, before you follow the procedures below
First you will go to this takes you to Facebook login page but since you don't have an account yet, go to the sign up page by clicking signup
Then fill in all the demanded details such as first name and last name, email ID, date of birth, gender and finally, create a password and press create account

To ascertain that you are truly the owner of the email ID you filled, a confirmation code will be sent to the email, copy and paste it in the space provided on Facebook, then confirm.

Then you have to setup your account to suit your view, find your friends on Facebook, upload a picture that people will see to recognize you and then fill in some other important details about you to make up your profile.

Now you can connect with friends all over the world anywhere you are without charges. Make sure you share this with those friends you wish to connect with on Facebook who don't have an account yet.
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