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Turn Off Location on Facebook: Every time I post with my Facebook page, it reveals my location to whoever that sees it even if they are not part of my friend’s list. This has being going on for months now and I really don’t like it, it is actually showcasing my privacy to everyone. After much research on it, I later got to discover just how I can turn off my location on Facebook

So you may be as well don’t like how Facebook do show others your location and you intend to change it for good and turn it off, here is how it can be done with few basis steps;
  • · go to any of your post that shows your location
  • · After that, go to the display upper right corner, and then click the arrow facing down, from there, select “change location”
  • · A pop-up menu is revealed which has a X mark at the corner, click the mark to remove
  • · Then you confirm that you truly want to remove your location.
Now you have turned off your location, but note that your location will still appear on the previous post, you can turn individual post off using the same steps above. Your subsequent post will not reveal your location anymore.
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