What Quality is a Facebook Cover Photo?

What Quality is a Facebook Cover Photo?: As a graphics designer who designs pictures of wonderful quality and then uploads it as a cover photo to your Facebook account only to discover that it size and quality has being reduce by Facebook. This happens because the size of the picture created is much bigger than the required specification, Facebook in its innocence don’t want to reject it but helped to reduce its size before using as your cover photo.

The use of cover photo on Facebook is very essential because it attracts attention faster than the Facebook name itself, so for people who use their Facebook account to market their product to other Facebook users, it is very important to use a good cover picture which will sell the product to users even at their first sighting.

Facebook regularly make changes to its cover photo and profile photo specification so it can blend with the new innovations in graphics over time, this continuous changeshas caused a great defeat to graphic designer’s work where a photo produced today which complies with the specification may become obsolete by tomorrow and no longer fit the specification.

This article provides the 2017 cover photo size specification which is still the latest, it is listed below;

Dimension for cover photo: 828 x 315 pixels. Note that a smaller sized photo will also be accepted but will be stretched to fit the normal size which will change its quality, also if you wish to use a photo with text, it is better you use a PNG format.

Dimension for profile picture: 180 x 180 pixels, note that if it is more than this, it will be cropped from the center of the photo.

So in order to upload the best quality of photo as your profile photo and cover photo, it is better to adhere to those size specifications.

Now that you know the size of cover photo to use, why not share this with your family and friends so they won’t upload a bad quality image.
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