Who Checked My Profile On Facebook?

Who Checked My Profile On Facebook? The question "who checked my profile on Facebook?" is one of the trending questions asked on Facebook. Facebook users now want to know those that checked their profile while they are online or offline.

There are a lot of reasons why an individual will want to know those that checked his/her profile, some of it include;

Just curiosity, human are naturally curious and want to know things that are beyond their physical eye

Parent stalking: children especially teenagers may want to know if any of their parents are watching their activities on Facebook
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Gain more friends: getting to know those that checked your profile on Facebook will enable closer relationship among certain Facebook users.

All these and many more are the simple reasons this question is being asked time without numbers on Facebook. The simple answer to this question is "no, you cannot know those that viewed your profile on Facebook"

Facebook itself has answered this question in its help center stating that "Facebook does not give a functionality that enables you to track those seeing your account." But many Facebook users still search for other means to bypass this and find a solution to their curiosity.

Facebook didn't include such functions because of the private policy agreement which exist between it and its users. This agreement would be breached suppose such functions is available on Facebook.

Some third parties applications claims to do this function for Facebook users with certain conditions, but I'm pleased to inform you that they are all fake, they only bring up some of your friends name and display them as those that checked your profile on Facebook. Kindly ignore when you see all these advert of apps that will show you those checking your profile.

If you are worried of being spy on or people stacking you, then the best thing to do is tightening up your Facebook account, there are personal privacy setup existing on Facebook which enable users control the extent to which people see their page/post. By controlling those that can view your page, you reduce the risked of being stacked or spied on.

In order to achieve this privacy settings, go to your account settings, then click personal privacy setup, from here you will be given three options of privacy ie choose those that you wish to view your page, the options include;
  1. Everyone: where any Facebook user is allowed as long as he/she is within the Facebook community
  2. Friends only: only those that became your friends by you accepting their buddy request or they accepting yours can view your page
  3. Mutual friends: those that friends to your friends can also view your page.
So, instead of searching for various trick to view those that checked your profile on Facebook, why not tighten your Facebook account and control those that can even view your page.
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