Who Have Unfriended You On Facebook

Who Have Unfriended You On Facebook: Facebook as we’ve known it, is a platform where you can connect with friends, family, partners, business associates, customers etc. from both far and near. Your everyday effort on Facebook is for you to acquire new set of friends which was progressing but all of a sudden you noticed that your Facebook friends has reduced by some certain numbers. This means those certain number has either deleted their Facebook account or has deleted you from the list of their Facebook friends. So how do you determine what really happened, this article will educate you on how you can know those that Unfriend you on Facebook.

So whenever you notice a reduction in your Facebook friend’s list, don’t panic, here is how you can determine if you have been “unfriend” by your Facebook friend

Use of third-party applications

  1. Unfriend Finder for Android

  • · Since you are using the app for the first time, it brings no information about those that unfriend you, it only has the ability to detect those that unfriend you as soon as you start using the app
  • · Anyone who Unfriend or block you henceforth will be detected and reveal with this app
  • · The app will forward a notification into your device as soon as someone unfriend you which you will see the person’s name when you open the app
Note that this app will reveal those that unfriend you, block you, deactivate their Facebook account and also new friends.  
2.  Unfriend finder for iPhone
  • · Then the app will start notifying you as soon as a friend Unfriend you on Facebook.
Kindly ensure that you share this article with your close pals so they can detect those that unfriend them on Facebook.
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