Who Looked At Me On Facebook

Who Looked At Me On Facebook: Though Facebook does not allow individuals to check those that recently looked them up on Facebook but programmers have discovered a way to go about this and know those that looked at us on Facebook. To discover this, you can only utilize Google chrome browser. If you don't have one installed on your browser, quickly installed it from Google play before you proceed with this procedures. 
Make sure you go to your account through Google chrome
  • On the screen, second click anywhere and scroll to page resources then click view page source
  • Series of codes will be shown on another page entirely, don't panic. Just bring up the search box (using ctrl+F) then search for "initialchatfriendslist"
  • From the displayed result, some codes starting with " and also ending with " are shown. These are coded identities of your friends who looked you up on Facebook
  • To decode them, copy each code, then open a new tab and paste the codes in this format http://www.Facebook.com/"CODE" and send
  • The profile page of the person that is looking you up on Facebook will appear. You have successfully unveiled the person that looked you up on Facebook
  • Also learn that the ID codes follows an order of time i.e. the first set of IDs are those that recently looked you up on Facebook while the last sets may or may not have looked you on Facebook but it's definitely not recently.
Now that you have removed the mask covering the face of the person looking at you on Facebook. Kindly share this article with your friends so they could unmask their stalkers too.
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