Who Stalks My Facebook Profile

Who Stalks My Facebook Profile: With the numerous Friend’s request you obtain these days, you got the feeling that someone somewhere is actually viewing your Facebook profile before they send in their request, well in today’s article we will show you the easy ways to detect you Facebook stalkers.

How to View Facebook Stalkers
Follow these actions to remove the mask on the face of your Facebook account stalker

Action 1: Initially, launch Facebook and login your profile.
Action 2: Open your profile by clicking your name and Right click your name
Action 3: Click the View page source.
Action4: Now press CTRL+F to open the search field where you will need to type IntialChatFriendsList, then press enter, you will see an orange color to the words that match your search. 

Action 5: You should discover a number pattern like "100001660062516-2", this numbers simply represent your friends ID code as represented by Facebook, you need to choose and copy only the very first part like "100001660062516" without -2.
Action 6: Now open the user’s ID, just enter https://www.facebook.com/ and then paste the number you initially copied 100001660062516. It should now look like https://www.facebook.com/100001660062516
Action 7: Now press the enter button from the Keyboard to see the result.

The name of the user with that ID will be revealed to you, do this follow other numbers in your Facebook page source. The order of the number shows how frequent such users visit your Facebook profile. The first visits it the most, followed by the second and in that order.

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