Who viewed my profile on Facebook?

Who viewed my profile on Facebook? Nowadays, Facebook users are really seeking to know those that viewed their profile on Facebook, "how do I know who viewed my profile?" This is the most asked question regarding Facebook on the various social media platform.

Facebook due to its privacy policy does not allow users to know those that viewed once profile, but I'm happy to inform you that this article will teach you ways to go about it to view those that viewed your Facebook profile.

Below are some techniques that can be used to know those that viewed your profile on Facebook

First method: the use of Google chrome add-on
The addition of Google chrome extension makes it possible to know those viewing your profile. Note that you can only track those that possess this add-on installed on their Google chrome browser and also checked your profile while using Google chrome browser. So to make this accurate, you can inform your pals to have this add-on installed into their browser. Here are the steps to follow;

First you have to download profile visitor for Facebook on your Google chrome browser, then visit your Facebook profile. A new tab will be added to your page which denotes "profile visitor". This tab will allow you see those that visited your Facebook profile. This approach is totally free and works perfectly when used by lot of Facebook users.

Second method: using a hand book
To use this method first log in to your account and copy the link from your timeline and paste it on a new browser page and enter, then check for the page resources, a new page which contains various codes will pop-up, from there, search for "initialchatfriendlist".

After getting the above search, all the codes following it represents the list of each individual that visited your Facebook profile, all you have to do is to copy each code and paste it behind www.facebook.com/ and enter, then the individual profile will be displayed.

Third method: the use of a 3rd party applications
First you have to download the application "who looked at my profile" from any app store, then open it and connect it with your Facebook account. The app will then gather those Facebook users that viewed your profile which will be shown to you within a couple of minutes.

I hope you've learnt the various methods to take when you want to know those who viewed your profile on Facebook.
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