Who’s Looking for My Profile On Facebook

Who’s Looking for My Profile On Facebook: This article speak on how to detect those that are stalkers among our Facebook friends and other Facebook users, how to get to know that, is extremely easy to go about. By following the procedures in this aarticle, you will determine not only those that is looking at your Facebook profile and also those that often or regularly ckeck your profile.
The outcome of the procedures is as a result of the overall interaction on Facebook which includes searches, messages, likes and reactions as well as a view on your profile.

The steps below will take you through how you can know those that are looking at your profile on Facebook;

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Right-click any free space on the page and select View Page Resources

  • A page will pop-up which has lots of HTML codes, do not worry, you just continue with the step

  • Enter Ctrl +F on your keyboard which will open the search dialogue box, type in “initialchatfriendslist” and then search

  • From the result of the search, copy the numbers just after it separated by quotations marks, but don’t include the quotation marks

  • The next page revealed will be that of the person that looked at your profile
  • Note that the closer the number to the “initialchatfriendslists” the more recently they looked at your profile and vice versa.

I hope you’ve learnt the way to catch those that are looking at your Facebook profile, make sure you share this with your friends so they also can learn.
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