Whos Stalking My Facebook

Whos Stalking My Facebook: Many of us do like to identify some of our close friends and secrete admirers that are secretly checking our social media posts and profile without actually communicating with us or even send you a friend’s request. Facebook intentionally didn’t make this feature available in order to avoid conflict among friends which may arose from people checking one another’s profile.

A great news brought to you is that I have device a means to get what is unknown to many Facebook users, which is getting to know those that is stalking them on Facebook.

There are lots of third-party applications up for downloads at different mobile and window stores which may reveal those that may have visited your page and viewed your posts but those apps might not be able to detect those who are not your pals on Facebook that are actually stalking you by constantly checking your profile.

This set of people literarily are not your friends both on Facebook and in reality, but due to their affections may decides to keep visiting your profile, and also they refuse to forward a buddy request maybe because they are shy or whatever
over the years, Facebook has enabled its users to develop and keep records of their admirers but as at when this article was written, there is no legit way or a certain feature which will enable

Conclusively, you shouldn’t be deceived to buy expensive apps which claim to detect those stalking you on Facebook, you should await the Facebook’s upgrade, and maybe such feature will be made available on Facebook

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