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Change Facebook Username: Facebook is a fast growing social media network platform on which users can share whatever is in their mind. A Facebook username is a form of Identity for individual Facebook users, it is usually seen alongside Facebook URL which identifies individual accounts as well as Facebook e-mail address, and also it could also be used as your visit to save keystrokes. At the point of account creation, Facebook actually told you and made you led believe that the username could not be changed as soon as you use it. Well, to your surprise, that is actually not the real thing.

It occurs that there is a one-time permission that allow users to change their password as long as you have not changed it at anytime before, you will be able to use something new. For those that have never ever used a username before even at the point of account creation, you have a higher chances of getting a better and nicer username now to have a nice URL as well as email address. All you need to note down and remember is that your old username /email /URL will stop working as soon as you change to a new username.
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Below are the steps to take in order to change Facebook username

1. First click on the down arrow in the top-right corner of the web page, then, select Settings from the drop down menu.

2. From the General Account Settings section, you'll notice the Username space. Click to Edit.

3. Now insert your desired username into the area provided. Facebook will inform you if what you choose has been taken by another user or not.

4. As soon as you get a username that is readily available on Facebook, click Save.

5. Now your brand new username is active on your Facebook page.

Remember that you have to change your Facebook URL which you have saved on different sites but anyone connected to your Facebook directly will be automatically changed.
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