How to Link Instagram and Facebook

How to Link Instagram and Facebook: There are presently over 300 million users on Instagram and thousands more create a new account on a weekly basis while we see hundreds more on a daily basis. Instagram is part of the several social media sites that makes shares its content with other social media platforms including Facebook. Connecting your Instagram page to your Facebook account helps you connects more with friend and also build a far better day in day out experiences for the Instagram community.

Connecting your Instagram and Facebook account come along with lots of benefit, some of which are;
- in a situation you forgot your Instagram password, you could visit with Facebook to recover it
- You will also receive a notification as soon as any of your Facebook pal joins Instagram, so you could start following them.

In order to get those above listed benefits, here is how you could link your Instagram account with your Facebook account

- Scroll to your Instagram account and click the three dots on the top right corner.
- scroll down to the bottom of the list and click "Linked Accounts"
- Now Click on Facebook and then fill out your Facebook login details

And that’s all, you can now alternatively share a post on Facebook from the same display where you add a caption. You could likewise have access to share from Instagram into Facebook directly.
If you feel you don’t like the connection between your Instagram and your Facebook account, here is the steps to take to remove disconnect them;
- Circumnavigate to your profile and then click the three dots symbol just as you did before
- Scroll down and then click "Linked Accounts"
- Click Facebook and finally, Unlink Account
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So that’s all, you can share this article with your buddies so they can link their Facebook account with their Instagram account.
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  1. I don't find three dots on my Instagram to be able to link to FB