How to See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile

It is not unusual for a tweeter user to wonder who viewed his tweeter profile. When you share a tweet on your account, do you sometimes wonder who viewed your account? There is no option provided on Tweeter to know who viewed your Tweeter profile because it violates the privacy of users. However, with some tools, i will show you how to do this

How to See who viewed your Tweeter Profile

1. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a website which allows you to see statistics related to your Twitter account. You need to install their widget. Log in to the website with your Twitter username and password. You can customize the widget, then copy code and add it to your page.
Once you do that, you will track your visitors. You will be able to see detailed information including graphics and tables about the statistics. But, keep in mind that none of them shows the name of the users.

2. Twitter Analytics

You can use Twitter Analytics to get some information about who viewed your profile. However, this is not detailed information.
See who viewed your twittr
  • Click over to the “Tweets” page and you get a daily, tweet-by-tweet break down of how many people saw and engaged with your tweets.
see who viewed your twitter
  • The “Audiences” page shows broad demographics about the people who follow you or see your tweets. You can see things like where they’re from, the gender they reported to Twitter, and their language.

see who viewed my twitter
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