Facebook Store Fees – set up a Facebook store

What are facebook store fees? Do you know? This is a question majority of the Facebook community has battled with before and are still battling with it. This has made some of these persons not to consider setting up a Facebook store. in this article, I will be putting an end to this uncertainty. I will be telling us everything we need to know considering the facebook store fees.

But do you know that there are some persons on facebook who do not know that facebook has a store feature. This will come as a surprise to some and at the same time not as a surprise to others. Some people who already know of the facebook shop feature will be surprised because they just newly learnt of the feature on facebook. So now for the benefit of those who do not know what the facebook store feature is, I will be revisiting the topic, just to shed a little light on the matter.

What Is A Facebook Store?

A facebook store is one of the interesting features of facebook. This is one of the popular features on the platform. So if you do not know of the feature already, I personally will be surprised, I don’t know of others but I bet that they will be surprised too. Without any further delay, here is what the facebook store is. The facebook store is a feature in facebook where facebook users can easily shop for items they want. Here on the facebook store, facebook users can get any type of item they want at affordable prices around their environment and beyond.
What Is the Facebook Store Fees

Just in case you are wondering of the cost of setting a facebook store, here it is. you can either create a facebook store in two ways. You can either create a facebook store on the facebook platform itself. Since facebook store is an ecommerce platform you can also create a store using an external ecommerce platform and then integrating or linking it with facebook.

Creating a facebook store on facebook costs absolutely nothing to do. This means that you do not need to pay any form of token or money to set up a facebook store. Creating a facebook store using an external platform may cost you some token, depending on the platform. We have external ecommerce platforms like shopify and ecwid to creating a store. but the thing here is that you won’t get to know this until you make use of the platform.
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