Facebook Store Integration – How to Integrate Facebook Stores

What is facebook store integration? Most of the people making use of the Facebook store still don’t know about this. For you to know what facebook store integration is you need to have a full understanding of what a Facebook store is. Now the question is do you know what a facebook store is? A lot of people who know about the facebook store feature just recently learned about it. Just half of the actual number of persons who knows about it only makes use of it.

What Is a Facebook Store?

A facebook store is page on the facebook platform where you can actually do shopping. On this platform you can shop and buy items from people on the facebook platform. You can also set up your own facebook shop and also sell your products also.
What Is the Facebook Store Integration?

There are two ways through which a person can sell on facebook via a facebook store. You can either set up your facebook store on the facebookplatform. Or you can set up the store on an external ecommerce platform and then link it with your facebook page. You might be wondering how possible this is.

In the course of this study I will be revealing to you ways through which this is possible. But before that it is important you get a verbal knowledge as to how this works. Facebook store you see is an ecommerce platform since you can only access facebook online. Since there are other ecommerce platforms online, integrating your ecommerce or online shop to facebook is easy. All you need to integrate your ecommerce store to facebook is an online store or shop, a facebook account and a facebook page.
How to Integrate Your Online Shop to Your Facebook Account

If you know you do not have the materials above you need to put them in place before you can integrate your store to your facebook account. Once the materials needed are in place follow the steps below. But know this there are many ecommerce platforms online. We have shopify, ecwid, bigcommerce, shoptab and so many more. In this tutorial though will be making use of shopify as an example.
You will have to log in to your Shopify account.
Once logged in, visit the Shopify admin page.
Click the add icon or symbol next the sales channel option.
Click on the ‘learn more’ option next to facebook channel.
On the next page click on add channel.
You will have to click on facebook. After that click on get started.
Lastly you will have to click on connect account.

That’s it. Wait and allow shopify to connect with your facebook business page. Facebook will have to verify your account information which will take some time.
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