Facebook Store Setup – How to Setup a Facebook Store

Do you know what the facebook store setup is all about? It doesn’t mean much though. It simply means one thing. Do you want to know what that thing is? You will know during the course of this article as it will be revealed to everyone. But before that, do you know that you can sell on the Facebook platform. I won’t be surprised if you do not know, not everyone using Facebook knows about this. As most of the Facebook population is only socializing with the platform. What I mean is that they only chat, make videos and voice calls. They haven’t taken out time to explore Facebook and all it has to offer.

Yes you can actually sell on facebook and there are many ways through which this can be done. In facebook, we have selling platforms like the facebook marketplace, facebook buy and sell groups and the facebook store feature. But in this article I will be focusing mainly on the facebook store feature – a medium through which facebook users can buy and sell on the platform.

How to Sell and Buy on Facebook Stores

Buying and selling on facebook stores is way too easy. For you to set up and sell your own facebook store you need to have a facebook page. This is because this very facebook feature can only be accessed via the facebook page feature. Once you have a facebook page you can now set up your own personal online store and start selling.

If you want to buy on facebook store on the other hand, here is what you need to do. You need to identify a facebook page with the facebook store or shop feature and start buying. Not all facebook pages have the store feature, mind you. It’s all depending on how the said page is set up in the first place.
How to Setup a Facebook Store

To setup a facebook store is easy only if you know how. But like I have established before you need a facebook page for your brand and business. To setup a facebook store follow the steps below.
Click on the ‘add a section’ tab under the facebook page cover photo.
On the next page click on the add shop section.
Enter your shop details like name, type of shop and others.
Set up your shop payment options.
start adding products to your facebook shop
Manage your shipping options and complete the store settings.
Manage orders.

That’s all you need to successfully setup your Facebook store or shop
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