How to delete my Facebook account permanently

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Delete Facebook account – Are you concerned about your online privacy or you are just getting tired of the steady status updates from your friends or friends of friends, that you think Facebook isn’t cool for you anymore? Then you should be thinking of deleting or to deactivate Facebook account.

There is a big difference between to deactivate Facebook account and to delete Facebook account. Stay relaxed as we take a ride on that.
What Do I Mean By Deactivate Facebook Account

To Deactivate Facebook account is a way of staying off from Facebook for some time, maybe you feel you are tired of it because it takes too much of your time. Its more like taking a break off Facebook. When you deactivate your Facebook account, nobody can see your Facebook timeline or search for you. The only benefit of deactivating your Facebook account is that you can reactivate your account whenever you want to because Facebook helps you store your account information in case you want to reactivate your Facebook accounts again.

Is it possible to still chat with friends after deactivating my Facebook account? Yes, it is very possible. You can still chat with your friends and family after deactivating your Facebook account but that is only when you have the Facebook messenger app on your Android device or iOS device.
What DO I Mean By Delete Facebook Account

But to delete Facebook account is a much serious matter action. You really need to sit down and think about it very well before carrying out the operation. Deleting your Facebook account removes it from public view on the social networking site. When you delete Facebook account you can’t get access to it again. Most people finds it difficult deleting their Facebook account because it takes a long period of time before it can be deleted Facebook account permanently and if you mistakenly log in during the deletion process, the deletion will be canceled. The deletion process starts 14-days after you submit your request. It may take about 90-days to delete from the beginning to all the things you have posted, like your status updates, videos, photos, or other information stored in the backup system.

Keep in mind that when you have finally deleted Facebook account, you cannot reactivate your account or retrieve anything you added earlier from your Facebook account. Most of the info or things posted are not stored to your Facebook account, for example, a friend of yours may still have messages you sent to them even after you delete your Facebook account. This information still remains with your friends after you delete your Facebook accounts because they are part of their own account too. You can ask them to delete the message if you want.

Facebook is a social media on the internet, so it is important for you to know that most things cannot be deleted forever.

It is always advisable to backup your Facebook data before you delete Facebook account or deactivate.
How to Backup Facebook data Before You Delete Facebook Account

Before waving goodbye to your Facebook account, you should backup your data in case you need it later on in life. The main reason you are asked to back up your Facebook account is for future purpose. To backup your Facebook account,
Go to settings.
In the General tab, click on download a copy of your Facebook data. The file you download will contain the following; posts, status updates, videos, photos, your messages and chats conversations, and information about your Facebook profile.
Click on start my archive.
Enter your Facebook account password.
Click on submit.

Facebook will gather all your data and send a copy of the information to your registered Email address.

There are so many reasons why you might want to deactivate Or delete Facebook account. Will give you some hints on how to deactivate Facebook account.
How To Deactivate Facebook account

To deactivate your Facebook account;
Log into your Facebook account in your web browser.
Click the account menu arrow at the top right of your Facebook page.
Select settings.
Choose general in the left column.
Click on manage your account.
Click Deactivate Account or click Then follow the necessary steps to confirm your decision.

If you are using your mobile devices, such as using Facebook for Android device or iOS device, simply;
Go to settings.
Click on account settings.
Choose general.
Click on manage account.
Tap deactivate.

How to Delete Facebook account

To fully delete your Facebook account;
Click the account menu arrow at the top right of your Facebook page in your web browser.
Click on download a copy of your Facebook data.
Click start my archive. The file that starts downloading contains your Facebook account and profile information, be very careful about where you place it.
Tap “delete account”.

Note: Do not interrupt this process to avoid interrupting the process.

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