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What do you know of the Magento facebook store? Lots of internet users mostly e-commerce platform users don’t know much about this. But the truth about it all is that it really exists. Is this the best e-commerce platform online? I don’t know and I can’t tell you if it is the best. But what I can tell you is that it is a good e-commerce platform. It is the most open source e-commerce platform out there. I know most of us don’t know about this. It is used by over 200,000 users across the globe.

The Magento ecommerce platform is a marketplace itself. This ecommerce platform has helped lots of brands and retailers in reaching their business goals. This very ecommerce platform has extensions through which you can integrate with other platforms like facebook. What I mean is that you can integrate your Magento store with your facebook store feature in order to reach more people and clients. This store will be therefore known as the Magento facebook store.
Features of the Magento Facebook Store

The Magento facebook store has lots of key features which attracts more people to the platform. According to reviews form people who have actually made use of this platform, the platform reduces costs of business. You can easily track your sales metrics using through the Magento dash board and the facebook insights tool.

The Magento platform offers both paid and unpaid versions thereby making it the ideal ecommerce platform for smaller businesses. Integrating both facebook and Magento stores will drive your business and revenue growth. Your customers and clients get to experience shopping in another level as it is both seamless and easy to understand.
How to Set Up a Magento Store

To set up a Magento store is easy yet technical and complicated. To set up a Magento store follow the steps below;
In the admin panel of your Magento account, click on stores.
On the stores page, click on settings and then all stores.
On the next page which is the stores page, click on create store.
You will have to enter the name of the website to associate your store with on the next page. Also the name of your store, code and root category.
Lastly click on save store.

That’s all you need to set up a Magento store
How to Link Your Magento Store to Your Facebook Page

Before you can do this note that you will need a facebook page. So therefore if you do not have a facebook page create one today at Once your Facebook page has been created, follow the steps below in connecting your Magento store to your facebookpage;
on the Magento admin panel
Click on the link that says connect to facebook.
On the next page you will be directed on the steps on how to connect your Magento store to your facebook page.
The second step is setting up your facebook store.

Once you are done with this process your facebook page will have the Magento shop tab link that includes all of your products on the platform.

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