Top Ten Movies 2019 – List of the Top Ten Movies

Top Ten Movies 2019

Are you looking for the top ten movies 2019? Well, that is what we are offering in this article. In this article, you are going to find the top-rated movies in 2019 so that you will decide which best and first to watch. I can’t say am perfect though I will be giving you a list of the top ten movies 2019 based on the general public’s anticipation.

List of the Top Ten Movies of 2019 So Far

Coming up with this list wasn’t easy, but I hope that after going through it it will be completely woth it. Below is the list;

although not too popular. The movie captures a security guard who uses his ability to track a disturbed man with twenty-four abilities.
Avengers Endgame:

this movie is believed to have captured the whole essence of 2019. As a lot of people are earnestly but impatiently waiting for the release. The movie is a continuation to avenger’s infinity war. As they will find out the outcome a villain thanos and who will come to the Avengers rescue.

this movie Shazam is also well anticipated as it is a comic movie. The movie captures a small boy of fourteen being able to turn into an adult all-powerful superheroes. Just by shouting SHAZAM.
Captain Marvel:

A well-anticipated movie as well, as people are dying to see how she can and how she became a superhero. The movie features a female actress with the name Carol Danvers, telling us how she becomes one of the most powerful super hers of all times.

Star Wars IX:

this movie directed by J.J Abrams is said to be the monumental finale of the sky walker saga.
The Curse of La Llorona:

the movie talks about a mother ignoring the eerie warning of troubled mother suspected of endangerment of children, her own children is soon dragged into a frightening supernatural realm.
Dark Pheonix:

the movie features an x-men member jean grey as she develops incredible powers and become a dark phoenix. Now ex-men must decide if the life of a team member is worth more than the life of millions of people in the world.
Hell Boy:

the movie being directed by Neil Marshall and his colleagues pictures an upcoming American super hero based on the dark horse comics.
Spiderman-Far From Home:

the movie is a marvel comics produced by Columbia pictures featuring an upcoming American super hero by name Spiderman.

a very much anticipated movie as well features a whole new episode of monsters and humans as a new king rides. Godzilla – King of Monsters.
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