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WhatsApp Business Features

Whatsapp instant messaging service has officially launched a whole new version of messaging platform called Whatsapp business. The Whatsapp business app is a very useful app to small business owners as they can easily use it to connect with their customers. It is believed that the Whatsapp business app was built with small business owners In mind. However we are not talking about the Whatsapp business app, we are talking about the Whatsapp business app features (Whatsapp business feature). The entire Whatsapp business features are very useful and you will learn how they are useful as we begin to study the Whatsapp business features one after the order.

Businesses using Whatsapp business can easily connect with normal users as normal which means that there is no need for ordinary Whatsapp users to download the Whatsapp business to chat with them. This is one amazing feature of the Whatsapp business app as it can be used to both chat friendly and business chat.

More WhatsApp Business Features

As I was saying earlier, there are so many benefits of the WhatsApp business app and all are so thrilling. Below you will find in listed form more of the features of the WhatsApp business app. More WhatsApp business features are;
Business profiles. If you are a business owner and want to be easily seen by customers, the n WhatsApp business is the right app for you as it allows you to create a business profile with helpful and descriptive information.
Smart messaging tools. The WhatsApp business app allows you to use a feature known as quick replies. This quick reply tool allows you to save time and messages you frequently send. The facebook business also uses a feature called automated messages. The automated messages feature allows users to automatically send a message when unable to reply so that their customers can expect when to receive a reply.
Messaging statics. This feature allows business owners to review simple metrics behind the messages being sent. Also how many were delivered and how many were read.
Whatsapp web. A very important feature as it would seem. This feature allows users to connect their Whatsapp business account from their device to their pc or desktop so they could be twice productive.

Here you have it, some of the Whatsapp business features. You can easily learn more by downloading and exploring the Whatsapp business app. You can download the Whatsapp business app form your device plays tore or default web browser as long as you search for it.
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