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WhatsApp For PC App Free Download

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most famous and largest instant messaging app for those who are on the wave. This instant messaging app allows users to send and receive messages, make WhatsApp calls and video calls and so many other features available on the platform. This app is supported by smart mobile phones and is now available on desktops and PCs. However, there are still many people out there are not aware of the WhatsApp for PC App Free Download.

The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, offers an easy, simple and convenient messaging experience all for free. And it has steady grown so high without any sign of coming down, and it now processes over 65 billion messages in a day. Now the thing is that most of these messages and activities carried out on this app were done with mobile phones. So many people do not know that this app also works on PCs and laptops.
Features of WhatsApp For PC App Free Download

WhatsApp for PC App Free Download is not just available and open to Android, iPhones, Nokia and Tablets, it now has a PC version for the app. WhatsApp for PC allows WhatsApp users to make use of this famous chat app on your PC or laptop in order to get connected to friends and family anytime and anywhere. Just like the mobile app also possesses interesting features, the PC app also includes amazing features for your convenient us – even though not all features like the mobile app. Let us quickly look at the features involved in this app.
Sending and receiving of messages.
Fun stickers and emojis for interesting conversations.
Engage in group chats and conversations with over 256 people from different locations.
Sending of photos, videos, files and other kinds of media documents.
Status updates and media visibility.
And so much more!

To enjoy more amazing features from this PC version, you have to install the program right into your PC so you can chat with friends, family and other WhatsApp contacts using your PC or laptop. This version really works so well and seems to be perfect!

Requirements for WhatsApp for PC App for Free Download

For this WhatsApp for PC App for Free Download to work out, there are certain requirements to be provided.
A supported web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
A compatible mobile phone with a rear-facing camera.
A reliable internet connection or Wi-Fi.
A laptop or PC (Personal Computer).

Note that this PC version of WhatsApp is not supported on web browser like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
How to Get WhatsApp for PC App for Free Download

Introducing and launching the WhatsApp for PC App for Free Download is one new way to keep in touch with others, anywhere are anytime, whether you are set on your phone and computer, at home or at the office. This PC version of WhatsApp is just an extension of your mobile phone and it reflects all the WhatsApp chats and messages from your mobile phone.
On your computer, go to https://whatsapp.com/download/
On the page, you will find the PC version for WhatsApp app, click on download and install into your device
Once the download is complete, open the app on your computer
Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone too
A QR code will be shown on the screen of your computer, point your phone camera to the screen in order to scan this code – to scan this code using your phone, open the app on your phone, go to Menu or Settings and click on “WhatsApp Web”
Once the scanning process is done, all your messages and chats will be mirrored on your PC. However, this does not mean you will be logged out in your mobile phone.
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