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The WhatsApp web was first introduced by the WhatsApp Company back in the year 2015. Shortly after everyone knew about the WhatsApp web iPhone. Since then there has been no WhatsApp app for both PC and iPad. To this end, PC and iPad and PC users have now found a genuine way to use WhatsApp on their devices. The question of “do WhatsApp know?” may be running through your head right now. Well to satisfy your doubts, the answer is yes. WhatsApp web is a way to duplicate your WhatsApp account to another device. One amazing benefit of the WhatsApp web is that it is compatible with a large number of devices which is very much unlike the WhatsApp app.

From my experience of WhatsApp so far, I can boldly tell you that WhatsApp is an amazing app to use. Another amazing thing about WhatsApp web is that it can be used on any device with google chrome. This app was created with a web version. The web version can be accessed without the use of any special app. All you need to access the web version is your device, good internet connection and a web browser.

The WhatsApp web also has a logout feature that allows you to log out of your account on the web. The WhatsApp web is also secured with a QR code. This means that your account cannot be accessed by any random WhatsApp web user. In this article, I would show you how you can set up WhatsApp web on your iPhone and sync your WhatsApp account across other devices. Rom my experience I can also say that WhatsApp is one of the best social media’s so far.
How to Set Up WhatsApp Web on Your iPhone and Sync Your WhatsApp Account Across Other Devices

On a normal note, we are supposed to take a brief look at what WhatsApp web is, we would skip that process in this article because of time. Before you can use WhatsApp web, you must have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone. To sync your WhatsApp account on your iPhone to your PC or iPad, follow the steps below;
Use your iPad, PC, or any other device to navigate to web.whatsapp.com or you can download the WhatsApp web application from your device store.
Launch the WhatsApp application on your device.
Hit the menu icon on the chat page (it is represented by three vertical dots).
Select WhatsApp web from the drop-down menu.
Now finish your set up by scanning the QR code on the other device.
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